PAX TV started to broadcast Fountain Media's programs about 5 years ago. Because of the excellent quality of the programs, PAX TV increased these programs' broadcasting time from 1 hour to 12-15 hours weekly. The focus of the program, "Fountain Media," is a rebroadcasting of the weekly Sabbath School Podcast to approximately 300,000 viewers per broadcast on PAX TV Channel.


The Sabbath School Podcast, along with other programs such as 60-part Revelation Series, 28 Doctrines, and Bible Open University Course, presented by L. Hangyas, L. Erdelyi, J. Szigeti, and I. Tokics, is repeated during the weekly 12 to 15 hours of TV broadcasting.


On every Saturday at 9:00 am the Sabbath School Study starts followed by a program about Bible principles on this channel. Many people get together in small groups with their friends on Saturdays, and they watch these programs. Also, some Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist church members watch our Sabbath School Study on Saturdays. In Hungary the Sabbath School Study by this ministry is the most viewed and a very unique religious TV program that studies the Bible.





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