"We have wonderful experiences every week. There are three pastors who usually lead the Sabbath School Study and 15-25 church members who participate in the TV studies. People recognize us on the bus, at the train station, on the street, and they tell us how important our TV programs are for them. They learn a lot from these Bible studies, and they thank us for them. Some of them ask for Bibles and books, and some request a visit in their home."
"People from other denominations watch Fountain Media's programs. For example, the pastor and the elder of one of the Baptist churches visited our church and also participated in our Sabbath School Study because they heard about "Fountain Media" and their motto, "Evangelism From The Clear Fountain". Then they told their experiences to their church members, and many of them started to watch our Sabbath School Study and other programs as well on TV or online . The reason why they like these programs, especially the Sabbath School Study Hour very much is because they can hear and study clear biblical truths and teachings."


A letter from a TV viewer: Dear Friends, We would like to tell you that the "Fountain Media" programs, worship hours, and Bible studies on PAX TV always delight our days. I live with my 85-year old mother. When we watch these programs, we can forget about our problems, sadness, sorrow, and depression. Every day we watch these worship hours, and these hours are the best part of my mother's day.One day while watching your program, my mother said to me from the bottom of her heart: "My dear son! We have found our way HOME". We live in a very small apartment, but our hearts have a place for Jesus Christ. Please send us a Sabbath School Study guide and a Church Hymnal. We would like to sing the songs together with you on TV. We would be happy with used books because we can't pay for new ones. Thank you very much for all of the teachings and blessings on your programs. We always pray for you. (Ferenc M. and my mother, Budapest)


"Few months ago our ministry ran out of money as many times before. It was payday, and we did not know how we would pay our three employees. The leaders prayed for this issue and went home. On the way home, one of them got a phone call from a Hungarian church member from Norway and she asked about Fountain Media's mission work. After a 10-minute talk, she said she was happy to hear these good news about our mission work because she and her husband wanted to send some donation to "Fountain Media". Two days later we got the donation, and we could give our employees their paychecks."


"Another time we had to pay the rent for the studio (about $800), but we did not have enough money. Everybody prayed at home and asked God for help. Next morning a visitor came to our studio and looked for one of the pastors. They sat down and talked about our TV and radio programs. The visitor said that he was a member of a Baptist church, and he liked our programs very much. Then he gave $800 to the ministry to support our mission work. We got the exact amount what we needed, and we could pay our rent right away."


"Pastor Szigeti was traveling by train, and he showed his ticket to the conductor. The conductor said: You don't have to show me your ticket, Mr. Szigeti. I am watching your programs on TV."


„It is very useful your Church News, it is really refreshing to listen! As self-proclaimed that "only good news we supply ." God bless you for that! I believe that you radio is in God’s hand and good to know that more and more new person involved an expertise and diligence in their work.”

“A friend recommended your radio podcast, and I was looking for you with great joy. Did not heard about Contact Radio before, but your programme is prospered valuable and meaningful. Thank you!”


“Congratulations to this colorful, varied, high-quality radio programme. Accidentally discovered the Kontakt Radio, it is a surprise to hear a human voice among many „noise”


“Studies in the Book of Revelation ” I listen to lectures more times. The teachings are very timely. Few have the message to transfer the will of God through the Holy Spirit and explaining people friendly to understand,. Now this happens in this series . God has his people of all time.”


“A few weeks ago on the streets one old friend call me, who was silver medalist in canoeing Olympic champion. I am pleased he said, now they are listening to the Contact Radio Revelation series of my talk , and want to order the complete series DVD n. I was pleased to complete His request .”


“Thank you for the opportunity to talk in Contact Radio studio. God has a special way you opened the door giving an opportunity for me , which God promises to my city, Dunavarsany. A lot of people listening to the morning show this built new beliefes.”




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