"Fountain Media" also has a 24/7 radio broadcast on "KONTAKT RADIO 87.6 MHz Budapest" to reach residents of Budapest. This program is also available to lissen all over the world via www.forrasmedia.hu.


Originally KONTAKT RADIO was a commercial radio station. About 3-4 years ago "Fountain Media" started to produce Christian programs on this radio station. The owners of the radio station liked these programs very much, and about a year ago they decided to pass the control of the radio station to "Fountain Media". Since then, KONTAKT RADIO has had a 24-hour program every day about God, the Bible, and our beliefs including interesting reports, talk shows, kids programs, and quality Christian music all day long).


"Fountain Media" ministry recognized the importance of a radio station which is the voice of other Christian, Protestant churches. KONTAKT RADIO is a "Protestant" radio station whose priority is spreading the Adventist message in Hungary and worldwide. According to web statistics (MyStat), there are KONTAKT RADIO listeners in many other countries as well (European countries, USA, Brazil, Japan, Lebanon, and Australia). Many pastors and church members from other denominations offered their help and prayers for these radio programs. Today this radio is one of the most important and most effective tool of the Hungarian mission work.







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