We are trying to operate our radio and TV studios on $300/day. Yes, it sounds like impossible. Thus far, God has blessed us with the support that we needed as to run both the TV and radio programs. Our funding has come from private individuals and businesses. We do not receive any funding from the SDA church for the "Fountain Media" programs.
Many times we have less money than what we need, but we feel the blessings of God every day. We hold prayer meetings regulary with 30-40 church members who support us with donations as well. Some of them have small income or pension, and they can only pay maybe $20 every month. Some people can't help with money, but many times they cook a meal and bring it to the studio for us. One of the members of this group is unemployed, and he does not have any money, but he comes every week and does the cleaning in the studio. This ministry is run by a wonderful small group of people who work days and nights for this mission.

In order to expand the programs to meet new demands and take advantage of new opportunities, we need your support. If you would like to support the programs of the Blessed Life Foundation, please choose from these options:


1. send your donations to Boldog Elet Alapitvany (owner of Forras Media Studio)


Beneficiary: Boldog Elet Alapitvany

Address of beneficiary: 1062 Budapest - Szekely B str. No.13.
Name of Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
IBAN account number: HU16 10200854-32511183-00000000
Address of Bank: H-1095 Budapest - Lechner Odon fasor 9.


2. "Fountain Media" was added to the list of ministries you can give to on the Adventist Giving website. On the login page, it will ask you to set up an account, and then you will see the list of ministries. In the list you should look for "Forras Media", the Hungarian name of this ministry. Here is the link:



3. You can use PayPal DONATION button on main page for supporting!

The funding goes entirely towards making and broadcasting the TV and radio programs and is not used to fund the foundation itself. Thank you for your support.




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